1. Решебники
  2. Unit 2


Стр. 44, упр. 1

Requirements, treating, salary, characteristics, obligatory, hazards. (Nurse).

Стр. 45, упр. 2 a)

All of them happy with their jobs except of Brenda M. and Stella M.

Стр. 47, упр. 2 b)

a) Nursing is more of a calling than a career.
b) The work load is very big.
c) The nurses' role models can be parents and relatives.
d) A great influence on them can be realizing the fact that their job is of very importance.
e) The last nurse regretted about choosing the job because she hadn't sleep, eaten, gone to the bath in over 40 hours thus she had started to feel like a patient's personal slave.
f) Nursing requires talent and commitment.
g) Nurses need commitment to their job because not everyone has enough patience and is not ready to work long hours for low salary.
h) Their job is challenging because they are able to help patients and family through one of the toughest times in their lives.
i) No, the competitive salary isn't the only reward. The reward is when you bring a patient back from the brick of death.
j) The employment prospects are promotion and becoming a doctor.
k) The nurse can make a difference in people's life by treating patients, supporting them and their family with a good word, giving hope for the best.
l) I think nursing is rewarding but not with a high salary but with another more important thing.

Стр. 48, упр. 3 a)

1. Yes, the person found the job.
2. The sentence above is closer in meaning 'I regret finding the job'.
3. It is a real situation.
4. The speaker wishes about the past.
5. After I wish Past Perfect is used.
6. In our language we use Past tense.
7. In English there is a rule of using Past Perfect in these sentences and in Russian we just use Past Tense in the sentences with subjunctive mood.

Стр. 48, упр. 3 b)

1. Detective.
2. Teacher.
3. Firefighter.
4. Film director.
5. Archeologist.

Стр. 48, упр. 3 с)

1. False
2. False
3. True
4. False
5. True

Стр. 48, упр. 3 d)

'I wish I hadn't so long working hours'.

Стр. 48, упр. 4

Frankly speaking I wouldn't like to be a nurse because this job involves a full commitment and a great responsibility dealing with patients and their families. I can't see here any career prospects and promotions in spite of learning all the time. More over nurses get no respect from their peers, managers, or administration, a lot of paperwork and patient load is huge. So to sum it u I see more disadvantages in this job than advantages.