1. Решебники
  2. Unit 2


Стр. 54, упр. 1 a)

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Стр. 54, упр. 1 b) Listening.

Стр. 54, упр. 2 а)

1. I have apurposeinlife.
2. I have started to think over my future career a year ago.
3. I would like to be a logistic.
4. My parents have been influence on me in choosing my future career.
5. No, I'm not going to follow my parent's footsteps.
6. No, I don't have a role model.
7. I'm going to have a qualification of a logistic.
8. I'm going to work in some companies even free of charge to get some experience.
9. I have a passion for communicating with people all over the world.
10. I have communicative skills, analytical thinking, a high level of responsibility and punctuality.
11. I'm quite a creative person.
12. I think I have the abilities to achieve my goals.
13. My strengths are my communicative skills, analytical thinking, a high level of responsibility and punctuality.
14. I haven't done any career assessment tests yet.
15. If my goals prove to be achievable I'm going to assume my strengths again and choose another gain.

Стр. 55, упр. 3

Requirements: dealing with foreign representatives, perfect knowledge of English, another foreign language is an advantage, documental support. Working hours: 40 hours per week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Qualifications: diploma only, minimum working experience — 1 year.
General characteristics: excellent communicative skills, ability to work under pressure, high level of responsibility, analytical thinking, creativity.
Career progression: with experience and further training, there are perfect opportunities for promotion in 3 years the leading specialist of foreign economic department.

Стр. 54, упр. 4

My future job
In the past, people do not have many choices about their future job. They usually follow their parents' footsteps. Nowadays, there is a multiple choice about the future job and they are independent of the family career. Each child now has a dream of his own future job and can be clearly appeared in their choices of their toys. One wants to be a doctor, other wants to be an engineer, other wants to be a teacher and so on.
I think when a person gets older and moves on the levels of education, it becomes not easy to choose the future job. More people think about making the right choice and setting the criteria of choosing. I have thoughts about my future job, where I can express myself and become successful.
In my future job I want to be able to use my initiative, feel freedom and independent, gain self satisfaction and get well-paid. Moreover, I want to have an excitement and continuance interest rather than routine job, which brings boredom and kills motivations and developments.
I would like my future job to be in the education sector. I want to start my job as teacher, which I believe that it is an important job. It is connected to the humans' mind that makes them different from all other creatures. It is also considered one of the oldest careers that known by the human. It is considered to be calling, rewarding and challenging. While teach you learn yourself. Moreover it requires a great level of responsibility and commitment.
One of the main objectives in my future job is the continuation of development that provides more different and higher positions in the education sector. I think this fact is one of the most challenging and exciting that makes you be more initiative.
In conclusion, I want to be a successful in my future job and be an active person who takes part in the development of my country. I want my family to be proud of me. Now, I am studying hard to get more knowledge and gain different skills to meet my objective.