1. Решебники
  2. Unit 3


Стр. 72, упр. 1

I recognize all people at the photos. Though they are all actors, they are active animal protection supporters.

Стр. 73, упр. 2 a)

Rare — b, poachers — a, powers — c, apes — e, humans — f, habitat — d.

Стр. 73, упр. 2 b)

1. Humans are more intelligent.
2. Africa is the habitats of great apes.
3. Eurasian Aurochs, Balearic Giant Shrew, Balearic Islands Cave Goat, Caspian Tiger, Caucasian Moose, Caucasian Wisent, Carpathian Wisent, Cretan Dwarf Megacerine, European Ass o, European Lion, Irish Elk, Majorcan Giant Dormouse, Majorcan Hare and many many others have become extinct.
4. Dogs seem to have magical powers which have benefited humans for ages.
5. I think that there are poachers in any country and Belarus is not an exception.

Стр. 74, упр. 3 a)

• The articles are about extinct animals: apes and tigers because of belief that these animals have magical powers.
• The most shocking fact is that it's believed that parts of the parties of apes have magical powers. Dries gorillas hands are sold in the markets because they are said to make children grow strong.
• I must confess that poachers must be punished very strictly for killing unprotected animals.

Стр. 76, упр. 3 c)

1. In 1900 there were 100,000 tigers in the world.
2. Now there are few as 3,200 tigers left in the world.
3. In 1900 there were 315,000 orangutans in the world.
4. Now there are only around 50,000 remaining in the world.
5. Around 600 gorillas and 3,000 chimpanzees are killed every year.
6. A chimpanzee can cost up to 40£ in Africa.
7. Rare animals are disappearing because of poachers who are willing to earn money and because of people's beliefs that they possess some magical powers.

Стр. 76, упр. 4 a)

1. The second picture.
2. The forth picture.
3. The third picture.
4. The first picture.

Стр. 77, упр. 4 b)

I would like to follow Leonardo DiCaprio example. If I were as rich as he I would surely donated $1 mln to help save wild tigers.