1. Решебники
  2. Unit 3


Стр. 92, упр.1 a)

Looking through the words I think that it is a fantastic story about travelling to the far past, to the era of dinosaurs.

Стр. 95, упр.2 a)

1. It is 2055. America.
2. The characters of the story travel to the pre-historian times, far before B.C. to go on a safari.
3. Safari costs 10,000 $.
4. The penalty is 10,000$ if the rules are broken.
5. No, the characters aren't happy about the results of the recent elections.
6. The hunters can't step of the Path because they can ruin something in the past that can have a very serious reflection in the future.
7. They shoot a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
8. During the hunt Eckels gets scared and decides to turn back to the machine and on his way back he runs off the Path and walks on the grass.
9. Another candidate for presidents was elected.
10. If Eckles hadn't stepped on the butterfly, there wouldn't have been any changes in the world.
11. The title of the story used to illustrate the power of something coming as the sound of thunder foretells a coming storm.
12. The term 'butterfly effect'represents the theory that everything matters. That even the flutter of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the otherside of the world. If you change even the smallest of life's details, you completely change its outcome.

Стр. 93, упр.2 b)

The correct idea is #3.

Стр. 93, ynp.3 a) b)

Most of all I like the last quote because I try to follow this way that seems to me very wise.

Стр. 93, упр.3 a) Listening.

Стр. 94, упр. 3 b)

The impact of the humanity on the environment is very great. It is we who responsible for our present and future life. If we didn't take care about our environment today, tomorrow could be very late. So this issue is of great importance and every human being on the Earth should think of it today.


Saving the environment is the concern of not only environment but of every person living on the Earth. I'm not an exception ant that's why I propose you some simple ways to help the Environment.

- Most importantly, be friendly to one another. Appreciate and respect your fellow creatures great and small and all the resources around you.
- Don't buy bin liners or other garbage bags. Reuse the bags you receive in the grocery store as a bin liner for your trash.
- Try to reduce the amount of plastic grocery bags in your environment.
- Reuse them when buying new groceries as often as only possible.
- Don't smoke :-)
- Try to get milk in bottles. Buy milk in bottles, and return the empty bottles back for store credit. In Europe, it is a tradition to do so. Buy drinking water in reusable glass containers. You can also use filtered tap water in your bottles. It is a less expensive choice than bottled drinking water.
- Buy vegetables, preferably in their harvest season, and use locally grown food. This would allow avoiding high-shipping costs and saving on greenhouse energy costs.
- Do not waste food! Do not buy too much food, and then do not throw it away! Use it, if you can't use it, give it away, but do not waste it! Buy less, weigh less, waste less, spend less, and have more money in your pocket.
- For your drawer-dividers use shoe-boxes. Use old hanging shoe organizers for storage of small items in your garage, basement or storage space.
- Do not try to print everything. Try an external hard drive or memory stick for storage. CDs and DVDs are the second-best option for storing purposes.
- Try not to use cosmetics based on petroleum.

The impact of the humanity on the environment is very great. So if we day by day little by little start doing such things, soon we will see positive result thus safe our beautiful planet.