1. Решебники
  2. Unit 5


Стр. 141 упр. 1 a)

An expression "all-American" makes me think of some things that have an American origin. I consider that all these things are borrowed from other countries and can't be considered as "All-American".

Стр. 142 упр. 2 a)

Milla Jovovich — the Ukraine
Shakira — Colombia
Arnold Schwarzenegger — Austria
Avril Laving — Canada
Nicole Kidman — Australia

Стр. 143 упр. 2 b)

Italy — Italian, Belarus — Belarusian, Russia — Russian, Brazil — Brazilian, India — Indian, Hungary — Hungarian.

Стр. 143 упр. 3

1. Russians
2. Indian
3. Brazils
4. Americans
5. Italians
6. Austrians
7. Hungarians
8. Belarusians
9. Americans

Стр. 144 упр. 4 b)

America is a melting pot because a great variety of different nationalities of all over the world gathered together in one country. I think that not very many things typical American but anyway there are some to be named: burgers, hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, stars and stripes/patriotism, NASA, obesity, guns, intense competitiveness, Winner/looser, no sidewalks, shopping network channels, peanut butter, Fast Food Chains, Supersized portions, refusing to use the metric system, Democracy.