1. Решебники
  2. Unit 6


Стр. 173 упр. 1 a)

I quite agree with this saying because people usually wait for their weekends as it is the best time to relax, do all household duties, meet with the friends and relatives. But very often there is so much to do that only two free days are not enough. So that people should carefully plan their weekends to be sure to do all the things. While planning the weekend it's important to put things by priority of importance.

Стр. 173 упр. 1 b)

I absolutely agree with all these tips.

Стр. 173 упр. 1 c)

We use them to speak about the purpose. 'In order to', 'so as to', are used before the infinitive; 'so that' is used before a clause.

Стр. 176 упр. 2 b)

A. Belarusian people made straw boxes in order to keep food in them.
B. Belarusian houses were made with straw spiders in order to bring good luck to their masters.
C. You should visit a straw festival to buy a straw souvenir or make it with your own hands.
D. It's good idea to join horseback-riding classes in order to feel better and become healthier after them.
E. You take your rod and goto the lake to catch a lots of different fish.
F. You catch a lot of perches and pikes so that you enjoy a big bowl of fish soup.
G. People who go mushroom hunting should be very careful so as some types of mushrooms are poisonous.
H. It's better to take a 'mushroom expert" with you so that he can help you gather edible mushrooms.
I. Belarus always needed knights in order to protect the state from enemies.
J. It's important to visit knights festivals so that you learn a lot about the history of your country.

Стр. 177 упр. 2 c)

1. A basket is used to gather mushrooms and berries.
2. Knights used knight armours to protect the state.
3. A saddle is used to ride a horse.
4. Straw was used to decorate houses with straw spiders.
5. A fishing rod is used to go fishing.

Стр. 177 упр. 2 d)

A. a must see
B. medieval
C. tournament
D. edible
E. poisonous
F. a catch
G. carp, crucian carp, perch, eel, pike.
H. significance
I. folk craft
J. to get rid of something
K. overcome something
L. crossroads

Стр. 177 упр. 3

I would choose Horse-riding because it gives psychological benefits. It frees our minds and helps to get rid of dark thoughts and gives strengths to overcome everyday problems.

Стр. 177 упр. 4 a) b)

1. Visiting Trinity Suburb;
2. Visiting the Isle of Tears;
3. Oktyabrskaya Square;
4. National Library
5. Eating out: Pizza Tempo or something of that kind.
An excurtion to Mir Castel and Nesvizh Castel.