1. Решебники
  2. Unit 7


Стр. 215 упр.la)

Tourism Information Centre Manager, Travel Agent, Holiday Representative, Tour Guide. Стр. 215 ynp.lb)

I would like to have job in tourism as a tour guide because it gives great opportunity to travel to various countries and explore them and moreover communicate with different people.

Стр. 215 упр. lc)

A good job is measured by different standards by different people. For some, a good job is one that makes use of their education and skills, while others consider pay as important.
Стр. 215 ynp.2 а)

• It involves not only travelling to different countries but also dealing with different people.

• The main responsibilities of a tour guide are to tell the group of tourists about the places and monuments they visit, be responsible for every person in the group and deal with hotels on issues of accommodation and meals.

• The most difficult part of the job is talking non-stop and always being in the state of removal.

Стр. 215 упр. 2b)

I think that the first tour guide works in Ireland, the second in France, the third in some Arabic country and the last one works somewhere in Germany or in some European country. They offer pop-culture tourism, cultural tourism, coastal tourism, culinary tourism. Стр. 216ynp. 3a) Listening. Стр. 216 упр. 3b) After listening exercise. Стр. 216 упр. 3c) Listening. Стр. 216 ynp.4a) After listening exercise. Стр. 217 упр.5

1. I have seen tour guide at work while travelling to other cities and countries.

2. I find the job of tour guide very exciting.

3. The advantages are that you can travel all over the world and learn about other cultures and the way of peoples' life and the disadvantages are you are in constant moving, you are responsible for tour group and as far as I know this job isn't paid enough.

4. To be a professional at this j ob you are supposed to be a very communicative person, very attentive to people and details, have a good memory.

5. I would like to work as a tour guide part-time with a great pleasure because it's very exciting and gives me a possibility to go to other cities or countries and explore them.