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Стр. 217 ynp.l

I agree with the reasons but I would like to add to the banner some sights of regional cities of Belarus that can tourists from all over the world and famous beautiful blue lakes.

Стр. 218 ynp.2

1. What kind of resort is it?

2. How many stars have the hotel?

3. Which line the hotel is situated?

4. What is the price for the hotel?

5. What is included at the hotel?

6. Is an animation programme provided?

7. What airlines are used to go to the chosen country?

Стр. 218 упр.За)

This site helps to choose the country and tells about offered hotels with pictures and prices. You can use lots of other languages for your commodity. Forums help you to ask any question concerning your trip and people can give good advice.

Стр. 221 упр. 3b)

1. He is a football fan and he wants to visit Belarus to go to a football match.

2. She didn't stay at a cottage near Mir Castel because the owners didn't pick up the phone.

3. The cheapest way is to get the flight to Lithuania and then take a train to Minsk.

4. Most visitors are from Britain, West Germany and Lithuania.

5. They are quite satisfied with their journeys.

Стр. 221 упр. Зс)

Visa — b) Re — a)

Aussie — c) Apply — b)

PN — a) Input — a)

Insurance — c) Hassle — c)

Стр. 222 упр. 4 a)

I can answer all the questions in the forum I think I would make a good destination expert on Belarus

Стр.222 ynp.4 b) Answers:

RitaM — It's possible to book the train from Vilnus to Minsk before 40 days your planning to go.

Scotia ndESmit.. — You can visit famous concert in Vitebsk that is held annually in July.

Brunol982 — the best way to travel across Belarus is to order a bus tour. It's much less expensive than to hire a car.

SvthetravelerRE Pennvblack — There are a great many hotels in Minsk for every taste from five stars to three stars. The best hotels are Minsk, Crown Plaza and Victoria. You can also rent an apartment in every area of Minsk. The prices there are fluctuating from 30-60 Euro depending from the location of the apartment. There are a wide range of restaurants in Minsk that offer different kinds of cuisine: European, Italian, Japanese and traditional.