1. Решебники
  2. Unit 7


Стр. 225 ynp.l

1. The action takes place in Spain.

2. It's very hot. People sleep during the day because at this time the sun is in its zenith and it's impossible to stay outside.

3. This jacket was very useful for a boy as it protects him during cold time. And as the boy is traveler the jacket will bring him warmth.

4. The boy is going to other countries where most tourists who come to his country live. He is interested a lot in the way those people live, traditions and architecture.

5. His parents wanted him to be a priest.

6. He told him that their country is the best of all in the world where live beautiful men and woman.

7. His father's secret desire was to be able to travel the world himself.

8. The most important thing for a boy was to travel. Стр. 228 упр. 2

I have never heard about this author and this book. But I would like to read his book "Alchemist" a lot now.

Стр. 228 упр. 3

• I like to travel a lot. I have seen a lot places already.

• I haven't been to Spain yet. I would like to go there, especially to Madrid and Barcelona because I want to get closer to this country exploring its culture and traditions that seem to be very rich and vivid.

• I think that it's very important for every person to make his dream come true bat on the other hand not everyone is ready to scarify with all conveniences e has for a sake of his dream.
• I would like to read this book because this extract interested me a lot and I want to know the continuation of the story.