1. Решебники
  2. Unit 8


Стр. 235 упр. la)

Minsk International Book Fair, International Classical Music Festival, International Folk Art Festival, Medieval Culture Festival, International Film Festival.

Стр. 235 упр. 1 Ь)

From the table below the most well-known festivals are "Dazhynki" that is held annually in September or October, "Slavyansky Bazaar" that is held in Vitebsk in July.

Стр. 209 упр. 2 с)

1. — Unique folklore custom

2. — International Military-Historic Festival

3. — Regional Festival of the Children's Theatre Art

4. — International Film Festival

5. — The International Theatre Festival

6. — Belarusian Water Tourism Technique Cup

7. — International Young Talents Festival

8. — Festival of medieval culture

9. — International Children's Art Festival

10. —medieval Culture Festival

11. — International Music Festival

12. — International Folk Art Festival

13. — International Knight's Fest of the Medieval Culture and Traditions

14. — Village Workers Fair-Festival

15. — International Art Festival

Стр. 236 упр. 2 Listening.

Стр. 236 упр. 3a)b)After listening exercise.

Стр. 237 упр. 4a)

All these words are adjectives.

Стр. 237 упр. 4b)

1. ancient 4. medieval

2. archaic 5. modern

3. contemporary 6. contemporary
a) The words 'contemporary' and 'modern' are synonyms. The words 'modern' and 'ancient' are antonyms.

b) The word 'medieval'. The word 'contemporary'.

c) I would put them this way: archaic, ancient, medieval, contemporary, modern.

d) The examples are contemporary writers, medieval knight, archaic culture, ancient city, modern art.

Стр. 237 упр. 5

1. International festival of children's art "Golden Bee ". International festival of children's art "Golden Bee" will gather in

Klimovichi the representatives of many countries. About 1,000 people are expected here which will demonstrate their talent in vocal, choreographic, painting and decorative and applied arts. The winner will receive the Grand Prize, and the prize-winners — diplomas and memorable gifts. Contest castings, workshops, exhibition-fair of the items made by masters of decorative and applied art, concert programs of participants and guests, drawing contests and many more events are planned at the festival.

2. Festival of medieval culture "Rubon".

The annual event is held with the goal to popularize history and medieval culture among the residents and guests of the city and is a historical restoration of medieval culture.

3. "Slavyansky Bazar in Vitebsk", International Art Festival.

Young popular performers contest gathers more than 5000 talents from 30 countries annually. Wide Theater programme, crafts fair in the "City of Craftsmen" is organized.

Location: Vitebsk, Summer amphitheatre, concert halls of the city.

4. "The Beatles Forever!", International Music Festival. Contemporary performers sing the songs of the famous Liverpool four.

Friendly atmosphere for the real fans of "The Beatles".

Location: "Logoisk" Sports Complex, Logoisk, Minsk region.