1. Решебники
  2. Unit 8


Стр. 241 упр. 1

• I've been to a live concert several times. I enjoyed the sound a lot.

• I heard about all of them. "Slavyanskiy Bazaar" became a starting point in their careers.

• The emblem present an International event "Slavyanskiy Bazaar". Стр. 244 упр. 2 h)

1. The participation of yang singers from different countries makes it international.

2. It is recognized abroad.

3. More and more participants from other countries stared to take part in this event, so this fact proves that the festival is still developing.

4. Because it promotes both culture and arts.

5. The festival includes interesting film exhibition, a traditional fair folk crafts, and the contest of young singers.

6. It has become one of the events in the East European countries for children performers and it has united all these countries.

Стр. 244 упр. 3 Listening. Стр. 244 упр. 4a)

1. archaic, contemporary; 4. co-ordinated. —;

2. international, mass; 5. brief, medieval, fair.

3. concerts, classical;

Стр. 244 упр. 4b)

I woul rather agree with the comments above.

Many concerts, exhibitions, film shows, and performances are being held at the Slavyansky Bazar International Festival of Arts, which is currently underway in Vitebsk in Belarus (July 9th to 15th). The organizers are Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine.
The tourists who want to attend the festival usually book hotels six months in advance. Neither the participants nor the guests of the festival can stay indifferent to the Souvenir Fair which is held in Vitebsk on the days of the festival. The fair which is called 'Gorod Masterov' (The city of craftsmen) offers a wide range of unique items for sale. This includes wood carving, ceramics, embroidery and other arts and crafts.

This year Vitebsk welcomes artists and music groups from 28 countries, which are not only Slavic countries. The festival's program includes a contest of young pop-singers, first screenings of new films and theater debuts. The program also includes three concerts representing Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, the three Slavic countries, which sponsored the festival. There is an interesting coincidence this year. The 21st contest of pop-singers has 21 participants from 21 countries. Those who are superstitious might see some kind of sign in it.

This year the honored guests of the festival are the Buranovo Grannies — a group of middle aged women from Russia's republic of Udmurtia. They became enormously popular after the 2012 Eurovision contest.

"This trip to Belarus is important for us because we used to all be part of one country", the grannies say. "We heard that Belarusian people are very hospitable, have their unique culture and traditions and of course delicious national cuisine. By the way just like Belarusians we in Udmurtia can't live without potatoes. We cook many different meals with potatoes,» they say. In Belarus the grannies are going to try draniki, which is Belarusian shallow fried potato pancakes.

And another pleasant surprise for guests of the event — as was the case at Eurovision 2012 the Buranovo Grannies are going to host a party for everybody featuring home — made Urdmurtian food.