1. Решебники
  2. Unit 8


Стр. 245 упр. 1

• I listen to the radio only when I'm in the car. I listen to the Radio BA channel.

• I listen to news on the radio. The latest news is the comet fell down at Chelyabinsk region. I'm interested in political or international.

Стр. 246 упр. 2a)

Sports news — Minsk Arena, cultural news — national heritage, humanitarian organizations, political news — delegation, BelTa, the Embassy, the Ambassador of Belarus, local — a conductor. Стр. 246ynp. 3a)Listening. Стр. 246 упр. 3b) After listening exercise. Стр. 247 упр. 4a) After listening exercise.
Стр. 247 упр. 4Ь)

l.Some news reports would interest me because they are quite informative.

2. An exciting contest makes a piece of news interesting.

3. A lot of people are involved in the news production stage director, interviewer, cameraman, lighting technician. A correspondent takes interview, an editor is a person who is in charge of and determines the final content of a text, particularly a newspaper or magazine, a newsreader is a person who reads the news.

Стр. 247 упр. 5

MINSK, 15 February (BelTA) — President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has sent his best greetings to President Tomislav Nikolic and the people of Serbia as they celebrate National Day, BelTA learned from the presidential press service.

Alexander Lukashenko expressed confidence that traditionally friendly relations between the two countries based on a solid historical and spiritual foundation have good prospects thanks to fruitful contacts in economy, trade, science, culture and sport.

MINSK, 13 February (BelTA) — President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko took part in a friendly ice hockey match in Sochi on 12 February, BelTA learned from the presidential press service.

The team of the Belarusian President played against one of the best local teams which proposed to hold a friendly match when they found out that Alexander Lukashenko was in Sochi.

MINSK, 8 February (BelTA) — Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has ordered to take comprehensive measures to step up the output, profitability and reduce costs of Belcoopsoyuz organizations. The head of state made the statement at a meeting of Belcoopsoyuz consumer cooperative society on 8 February, BelTA has learnt.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that there is a certain positive dynamics of financial indicators of consumer cooperative societies. However, they have not managed to ensure efficient work necessary to expand production yet. For instance, about 80% of organizations generate low profit, more than a half of organizations do not have own circulating funds. Moreover, profitability of 21 consumer cooperative societies is less than 0.5%. Having such profitability, the organization cannot create conditions for simple manufacture, to say nothing of business development.

It is essential to take comprehensive measures in this field, especially, taking into account the fact that 2013 was announced the Year of Frugality, the head of state said.

The President said that salaries in consumer cooperative societies are one of the lowest in the country. For example, in 2012 the salary totaled just Br2.5 million, or 67% of the nationwide average. According to the head of state, it is necessary to ensure more substantial increase in salaries. Therefore, it is necessary to raise efficiency of work.

Alexander Lukashenko also urged Belcoopsoyuz to continue optimizing its organizational structure to minimize costs and guarantee highly profitable work. "But the optimal organization structure will not operate automatically. It will create preconditions for effective activity. Therefore, all workers of consumer cooperative societies have to show high level of organizational work, deep understanding of the potential and reserves available in management forms. Thus, it is necessary to improve personnel training," the President noted. The match took place at the ice rink of one of the Olympic facilities. The youngest son of Alexander Lukashenko, Nikolai, also took part in the ice hockey match.