1. Решебники
  2. Unit 8


Стр. 252 упр. 1

• I would like to host an exchange student because it's very great to make friends from another country and share with him experience and learn something new about his family, country and culture.

• My family will be supportive because they will understand if I make up my mind to host an exchange student.

• My friends wouldn't back to me up, I believe. Стр. 252 упр. 2a)

Worn out — brand new; Old-fashioned — trendy; Prior to — after; Chatty — mute.

Стр. 253 упр. 3a)Listening. Стр. 253 упр. 3b)c)After listening exercises. Стр. 253 упр. 4After listening exercise. Стр. 254 упр. 5a)

1. no gain 3. unsightly 5. mute

2. be handsome 4. entirely 6. crushed

Стр. 254 упр. 6

Dear Ms X and Ms Y,

Hereby I would like to explain my wish to study Business Administration at the University of X during the first semester of my third year.

Ever since I heard of the possibility of studying abroad, the idea of doing that hasn't left my mind. My desire for going to study in a different country keeps growing. There are several reasons for this desire to study abroad.

First of all, I would like some international experience. After my study, I wish to become a manager in an international company, so studying abroad would be a large step towards reaching that goal.

Secondly, I enjoy experiencing new cultures. I am very interested in different cultures, so studying abroad is a great opportunity to continue my studies, and learn new cultures and meet interesting foreign students at the same time. When I was younger, I went to Scandinavia on holiday once, and ever since I've been interested in the North European culture. Studying abroad would be a perfect chance to increase my knowledge of the Swedish (and Scandinavian) culture.
Further, I would like to improve my English. Even though I write, speak and understand English already quite well, it is not fluent yet. Studying in a foreign country will help me bring my English to a higher level. This is also important for my future job desire at an international business.

Most foreign universities do not give lectures in English. For improving my English, and being able to understand the courses given, it was important for me the lectures were given in English. Not long ago, a friend of mine has been to X for a week. He told me it was a beautiful city with friendly people. X University has a campus, and the idea of living at a campus, combined with the friendly people, the English courses and the Scandinavian Culture made me chose X instead of the other options like City В and City C. Also, the courses given at the X University are fairly similar to the courses given at the Y University, so my study progress shouldn't be slowed down, which is important as well. I look forward studying at the X University in Sweden already, and I hope I am given the opportunity to have a challenging, exciting and of course enlightening period in Scandinavia!

Sincerely, (Signature comes here) Stefan X