1. Решебники
  2. Unit 8


Стр. 261 ynp.l

• I always ask questions. At school I ask questions most.

• It's more difficult to answer questions because you should possess good knowledge in any sphere to give the right answer.

• The most common question I ask is "how are you?" I don't like to answer the questions about my future plans and dreams because this is something that is considered to be my personal.
• The stupid question is when somebody asks about obvious things again and again.

• The life's biggest question is what my purpose in life is or what I was born for.

Стр. 261 упр. 2

• Foolish questions were asked by Lek, Moran and Lingman.

• They didn't get answers to their questions. Стр. 267 ynp.3

1. The most important question for Morran and Lingman was what life and death are.

2. The most important question for Lek was what the mound was for.

3. The most important question for eighteen creatures was why all places are different, although there is no distance.

4. They didn't see any importance of other creatures' questions.

5. The Answerer couldn 't help the questioners because all their questions were without meaning.

Стр. 267 упр. 4

a) The last paragraph below describes the main idea of the story because all questions were not valid thus even the Answerer couldn't give the answer. So it illustrates the stupidity of those people who had such questions.

b) I agree with the second idea of Robert Sheckley because he's absolutely right that people from all over the world should stop fighting and unite in order to save our planet not only for us but for our future generation.

Project INTERNATIONAL PROJECT Ways to Make Friends

Establishing yourself abroad requires more effort but once you've done that, your efforts become more cherished and memorable. Well, it's not always very easy living abroad and when I say that, I mean, even after you have a place to live and a j ob. To really enj oy being abroad whether it's for the short or long term, you need to be able to connect with people which is not always easy if there is a language and cultural barrier. Even though it may be a challenge, it's possible. But, yes, it will require more work than if you were at home. When spending time abroad, everything requires more work and energy than it would at home in the beginning and making friends will be no different. So to make friends abroad follow these tips and please share the results, let's go for it!

The first thing we must do is reach out to others again and again do not be shy, just do it. One of the best ways to do that is to immediately join groups or
clubs that do the things that you are interested in doing. Even if you'll only be in town for a month or so, try to join anyway. It's rare that you'll be turned away if you express a genuine interest in the group.

Next, do a google search on your native expatriates in the city. Most average size cities have something like this and it's an excellent way to meet people who speak your language.

English is a way to communicate and enjoy meetings with foreigners. Even if you meet people who you think you have nothing in common with, still keep them as friends as they have friends as well who may share your age, common interests etc.

Finally, have fun and enter this endeavor with an open mind and a light heart. You decided to spend time abroad most likely to broaden your horizons and meet new people? So immerse yourself in that idea and embrace it. There is nothing to lose and much to win.

— Take Initiative. It's a big mistake to passively wait for other people to do the work of befriending you.

— Find some potential friends.

— Invite potential friends to do something with you.

— Make a habit of getting people's contact information.

— Do your best to accept every invitation.

— Once you've got some budding friendships, keep in touch, and keep hanging out.

— Be persistent and try not to get discouraged by setbacks too easily.

— Don't take it personally if people seem indifferent to you

— Be nice and Be patient.