1. Решебники
  2. Unit 9


Стр. 276 упр. 1

1. False 2. False 3. False 4. True

Стр. 277 упр. 2a) Listening Стр. 277 упр. 2b) After listening exercise. Стр. 278 упр. 4

The Americans are considered to be overweight The French are likely to be patriots. The Italians are supposed to be fashion lovers. The German seem to be well-organised. The Greek are unlikely to be very talkative. Стр. 278 упр. 5a)

She seems to be calm, reserved, conserved, materialistic, patient, self-controling.

Стр. 279 упр. 7

Typical British people are very punctual. They dress in a strange way (f. ex. socks with sandals). They love their pets more than other people. They are very serious, they don't use body language. They eat a big breakfast in the morning with bacon, eggs, toasts, sausages, baked beans... They love gardening and their parks are always clean. British people have

very fair skin with freckles and are red hair. They drink tea a lot. They like second-hand shopping.They do everything in a different way: they drive on the left, they don't use kms but miles, they don't use kilos but pounds.