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  2. Unit 9


Стр. 290 упр. la)

Belarusians are sociable, hospitable, not materialistic, with a strong sense of community, intelligent, garden lovers, patient and tolerant, generous, cheerful and open-minded, hardworking, sometimes rude and impolite.

Стр. 290 упр. lb)

I think people visiting Belarus can make a similar list.
Стр. 290 упр. 2 а)

АН characteristics mentioned above in Ex. la) except of being rude and impolite make me feel proud of Belarusians.
Стр. 290 упр. 2 Ь)
Character traits Key facts
Hospitable invite into a house for dinner
Not materialistic not many people think of shopping as a leisure activity
The strong sense of community people have survived because of their network of family and friends
Intelligent A large number of books at homes and conversations are about complex and intellectual topics.
Garden lovers Minsk seems to empty out as urbanites go to their dachas
Patient and tolerant I rarely see anyone lose their temper
Generous Celebrating a special occasion they spend large sums of money.
Hardworking- Spend much time at their working places
Rude and impolite At work, on public transport, lack of customer service.

Стр. 293 упр. 3
Though all people are individuals and have their own traits, Belarusians have many characteristics in common.

They are extremely sociable and hospitable people. Compared to the people from western countries Belarusians are not materialistic but it doesn't mean that they don't like good things and clothes. Not many people think of shopping as a leisure activity. Belarusians possess the strong sense of community. Belarus is a country that throughout its history has suffered many hardships. There is a high respect to for education and culture. Most houses and apartments have a large number of books and conversations are often about complex and intellectual topics.

Dacha plays an important role in lives of many people. They enjoy going out to the countryside every weekend.

Belarusians are very generous while celebrating a special occasion they spend large sums of money.

But among all these positive traits some negative ones can be pointed out. Sometimes Belarusians are impolite and even rude. This careless attitude can be especially noticed on public transport, at work and at customer service. Nevertheless Belarusians are open, warm-hearted, fun-loving and generous.