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  2. Unit 9


Стр. 296 ynp.la)

The main character of the story is Mr. Horsefly.

Стр. 296 упр. 2

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Стр. 297 упр. За)
Стр. 297 упр. ЗЬ)
What Mr.Horsefly thought the characters wanted to buy What the characters really wanted to by
Mr.Beetle Goggles the mat
Mrs. Spider a nail file a book
Miss Mantis a book the nail file
Mr. Grasshopper the mat Googles

Стр. 298 упр. 4 Project DEBATE

Arguments supporting the motion:

1. People all over the world are different from each other both in character and face. They all have their own point of view on different things.

2. All people are individuals and can't be judged as the same being from one country. For instance, we can't say that all Belarusians are hospitable and polite or all Americans are overweight, or all Chinese are hard-working.

3. Each person is unique and his way of life, his attitude to life, his manners and behavior are depend not from the country where he was born but only on himself and his parents who gave him birth and educate him. So people can't be judged only by stereotypes and generalization.

Arguments against the motion:

1. Though all people are individuals and have their own traits, they have many characteristics in common.

2. The country where a person was born influences greatly his behavior and attitude to life because since childhood habits are cultivated, and common traits are developing.

3. Generalization and stereotypes are made usually judging of the people as the whole nation's common traits and not by a separate person. It doesn't mean that all Belarusians are rude and impolite if in Belarus you meet a rude and impolite person.
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